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What is a Owner Builder?


To some  a owner builder,  is  someone who literally builds their own house.   My dad fits this definition.  When I was young, my dad built  our home.   He literally did about 90% of the work.  I remember us digging the foundation as a family.   Well, my sister and I mostly played. It took him three years. to complete our house.    (more…)

Journey of owner building.


Most people think the only way to build a house is to hire a contractor.  Though this method works best for some people, this method wasn’t appealing to us.  Thus began our journey as owner builders.  If you embark upon the journey of owner building, it will help if you have some family or friends (more…)

Before and after: Front Elevation.


One of the joy’s of building a house is seeing the blueprints become a reality.   I wanted to share with you the design of the front elevation and what our home look’s like now.   Our builder did a great job in following the blue print.  (more…)

Designing a old new home


When we started entertaining the thought of building a home with a old house feel, we were apprehensive about the design process. We spent hours combing through numerous house plan sites, with not much success. We did not have the funds to hire a full fledge architect, so we hired a local draftsman. This is not the route for everyone. (more…)

Should we go ahead and buy it?


I’ve always had this vision of coming home from work and resting on the couch, smelling the aromas coming from the kitchen, while beautiful classical music is being played by one of the kids, on the baby grand. Will it ever be a reality? I’m not sure.

Recently, Crista came across a beautiful baby grand on Craigslist. Hmmm, part of me say’s, go ahead and buy it and build the house around it. So, don’t be surprise, if you see a vacant lot, with a black baby grand piano underneath a tarp and someone is laying on a couch. That is just me resting…

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