We Own It: Bostitch N66C-1 Siding Nailer


At the beginning of building our own home, we decided we wanted to do Hardie Board as the siding.   I really did not want to spend the $250 plus dollars for a siding nailer but after trying other types of guns, I soon realize that it would be worth the investment.   It turned out to be a life savior.   (more…)

How much can I afford?


How nice it would be to have limitless funds, while building a house.     Throughout building our house, we had to revise our budget several times.    The first step is determine what is the maximum you are willing to spend to build a house.    (more…)

Subcontractor form


If you are building your own home, and plan to hire subcontractors, you will want a  written contractor between you (owner builder) and the subcontractor.   Unfortunately, the day’s of a handshake sealing a deal, is past.       (more…)

We Own It: Kevlar In-Ceiling Speakers


When building our house, one of the features we desired  was  whole house audio with in-Ceiling Speakers .   I quickly realize that pricing for audio equipment  varied greatly.    Prices for wall / ceiling speakers  started at $20 a pair all the way up to several hundred dollars a pair.  (more…)

We Own It: A new feature


When building our house, I spent a lot of time researching items for our home.   When we were looking for Tankless water heaters,   I spent hours trying to find the best product for the best price.   I would like to pass this research on.  From time to time, we will be offering reviews of items we personally own or have owned.   The reviews will be archived in the  We Own It tab located in the top bar. Perhaps it will help you as you build your house!

Five methods to finding quality Subcontractors.


When building your home, finding quality subcontractors can be a challenge.   Here are several methods to finding  the right guy’s to work on your house. (more…)

The “hilly” lot or the “close to the lake” lot? Pt2


Are the neighbors neighborly?

One day, I drove out to Lot B, to walk around and dream of building our home. As I was walking back toward my car, an  old pickup truck was coming towards me.  I thought he was one of the neighbors, stopping to chat.   “You’re not buying this property.” He said without a smile.  (more…)

The “hilly” lot or the “close to the lake” lot?


The choices are endless, when it comes to the location that you will build your home at. In our situation, we were seriously considering two lots. For months, we had went back and forth whether to build our home on a lot that was owned by family. We will call it Lot A. It had been a blessing how it came about and was one of the reasons we had put our house on the market. (more…)

Hide, the inspector’s coming.


It can be intimidating dealing with the inspectors, when building your own home. We have all heard the horror stories of the inspector  coming out and making the contractor tear out several thousands of dollars worth of material.  As a owner builder, it can make your stomach turn.  (more…)

Are you insured?


Before you begin to build your own home, you will want to make sure your project is insured.   Builder’s Risk insurance is a must have.  If someone is  hurt on your property, (more…)

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