When building your own home, it is easy to become unmotivated. There will be weeks, when everything seems to go wrong. It is like everything else in life, after working on your home for a period of time, the process can become very old. Be realistic with your goals. It takes time to build a house, especially if you are doing a lot of the work yourself. It took us exactly a year and we still have some little projects to finish.

  • Keep the end in mind. Building your home is only for a season and like everything else it to shall pass.
  • Don’t get bogged down on the things that really do not matter. Some decisions are critical and others are not so critical. Determine which decisions are worth stressing over and which decisions are cheaply corrected if the wrong decision is made.
  • Sometimes it is best to walk away and come back the next day refreshed. I did this several time’s and it was very helpful.
  • When I would find myself unmotivated, I would imagine the house finished and our family sitting in the house laughing and having a good time. Last night, as I was spending time with the kid’s, it was hard to imagine that only a year ago we were putting the finishing touches on the house. It to shall pass!

Hang in there!