In the last post, we spoke of what a owner builder is. As I mentioned, we did not do much of the manual labor but spent most of our time acting as the contractor. During building our home, I had to balance a job, wife, two kid’s and another one on the way. I went in to the building project with good intentions of doing a lot of the work myself. Reality quickly set in, that if we were going to meet our goal of moving in our home within a year, I was not going to be able to do as much as we had planned. Working on the punch list and a few big projects kept me busy. Going into the build, I had thought I would install the baseboard. I decided to get a quote just to see what it would come in at. With the quote in hand, I figured out how long it would take me and if it would be the best use of my time. My conclusion was, it would be best to hire someone to install the baseboard. I could of done it myself, but it would of taken me much longer and something else would of been delayed. If you have time and your lifestyle will allow than you might decide to do a lot of the labor yourself. There is a pride that goes with knowing that you built a home with your own two hands. However, if you are only performing the labor to save money, get a few estimates before you tackle a project. You might be surprised. There is no way we could of rented the equipment and insulated our home for the same price as a local company quoted us. It took them two day’s, whereas it would of taking me two weeks. Don’t go into a project without doing your homework to see if you are really saving money.