When we started entertaining the thought of building a home with a old house feel, we were apprehensive about the design process. We spent hours combing through numerous house plan sites, with not much success. We did not have the funds to hire a full fledge architect, so we hired a local draftsman. This is not the route for everyone. Most draftsman do not design, but only do the legwork, which is fine if you know what you want and have a eye for detail. Our experience working with a draftsman was pleasant. We provided him with detailed instructions of what we wanted.

So how do you design a new home with a old house feel? We did a lot of research. We took pictures of old houses that we liked. We visited old homes. We also thought about what made us comfortable at the homes of our friends. We came close to building a mass produced home, because of the fear of resell value. Finally we came to our senses and realized that we are living in this home and we should build it to reflect who we are.

A book that really helped us in the designing process was Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use & Avoid by Marianne Cusato. I will do a review of the book in a later post.

Books by Marianne Cusato:

A few websites that we found to be helpful: