Yesterday, I received a call from the freight company, that is delivering the front door. At first, I thought I was speaking with the receptionist . Later in the conversation, I realize she was the delivery person. I don’t have any issues with a woman making deliveries but it doesn’t make sense to send a woman to delivery a 200 + pound door. She needed me to meet her to help get the door off the truck.  If you are building your own home, you must take in account that someone has to be there to meet those delivering material. The door was heavy. In her defense, she was nice enough to help me get the door to the porch but that is as far as she could go. She didn’t want to get her shoes dirty. After she left, I was able to get it in the house. The door is a beautiful piece of art. I can’t wait to see the door installed.

The rest of the windows will be delivered on Monday. The framers will finish installing the windows on Tuesday. A friend who installs HVAC’s came out last week. If everything works out, we plan to start the HVAC soon. Hopefully, this weekend we will be able to work on the electric fixtures, so we can get the electrician out.