We have been working on finishing up the Fascia board and soffit. On Saturday, my dad and I worked on it until dark. I felt a little guilty, enlisting his help on his birthday but he didn’t seem to mind. One more day and we should be able to finish it up. We have ordered all the exterior trim. Once it is finished then we will start on the Hardie. We have decided to go with the smooth 5” reveal hardie. We are still trying to determine what color to paint the house.

The plumber (my dad) has been working on the plumbing. All of our plumbing is on one side of the house, which is good. Crista and I have been working on the placement of light fixtures. We thought it would not take us that long. However, it took us over a hour, just to place the light boxes in the foyer. We are hoping that we will be ready to wire the house in about two weeks.

We have quite a bit of lumber to return. The lumber quote we went with, was a little bit higher than the other lumber quotes. Steve, the 84 Lumber salesman, assured me that if the framer built to specs than there should be plenty of lumber. We were blessed with a framing crew that did not believe in wasting. Even the 2×4’s they used for bracing, they reused.

Will we meet our June 30th deadline? I’m not sure, but we are going to do our best!