On New Year’s day, dad and I started roofing. It was cold. We worked for about two hours and decided it would be best to call the experts. It was this time last year, that my dad fell off of a ladder and broke his wrist, so we didn’t want to risk him being laid up another January. I am blessed to have a cousin, who is a roofer. Caleb shingled the roof in about three day’s. It looks really good.

The dormer has been built and it turned out really nice. It looked good on paper but I was wondering how it would look in real life.

Most of the window’s are now in. We are pleased with how they look. We went with three over one, which is not as common in this area. The front door has been order. We decided to go without sidelights. The only way we could make sidelights work was go with a 32” door. I could not find one, in the style we liked. I think it’s going to work out fine.

The framers our getting close to being done. My dad and I, might start putting on the soffit and fascia board soon. It has been really cold the last two weeks which has slowed things down a little bit.