Yesterday, they finished framing the roof of the house and garage. I was concerned that the garage roof was not going to look proportion with the house but it turned out fine. Originally, we had planned to go with 24” overhangs but changed it to 16”. I don’t think 24” overhangs would of looked bad but 16” turned out good. We have a few more decisions regarding the exterior of the house. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! It was only last month, I had looked at several different types of block for the crawlspace, to make sure we got the right shade of grey. Building a house is like a lot of things in life, if you break it down into small steps, it’s not near as overwhelming. Of course, the greatest battle for me is, I have a vision of how the house should look in my mind and each step takes a lot of time to make sure I’m working towards that vision. We feel so blessed that God has given us this opportunity to build a house and own a few acres of land!