The other day I went over to the house and Tim was out there looking at the garage. It appears the garage is out of square by three inches. The framers were able to fix some of it but the block guy must come back and move a wall about a 1”. Probably most framers would never had mentioned it but we are fortunate that Tim is gonna have it fixed.

The first floor is framed. It is neat to see the interior walls. So far the house is pretty much a reflection of the blueprints. It rained a lot yesterday so they were unable to work. Things move a little slower in the Winter time. It will be tomorrow or Friday before the framers will be back on the job. I started clearing out some of the backyard so the kids will have a place to play. I’ll try and post some pictures soon.

We were hoping to find a salvage front door but we really haven’t had much time to go look. We will probably order one in the next week. Some of our windows suppose to be in the end of this month. We gotta order shingles, hardie and exterior trim pretty soon.