Yesterday, I called my sales rep with 84 Lumber to confirm that we were meeting today at 11:00. I could not get a answer, which is very unlike him. I tried to call him again this morning, but had no success. So I called the store. “Is Steve in?” I asked. I was told that he wasn’t in. So I asked, was he coming in? Again, I was told, no. I begin to pry and found out that he was laid off last night. He was the reason why we went with 84 Lumber. I figured at this point, that he would not be meeting me. Around 10:30 this morning, I receive a call from Steve to let me know that he was in my area. He was nice enough to come out and speak with the lead framer and me about how he engineered the framing. He later said that he didn’t see the layoff coming, they just told him about 6:00 last night to put the projects that he is working on, in his bosses office. I really enjoyed working with him. I pray God blesses him with a better opportunity.

It was nice to see part of the lumber package delivered last night. The framing crew (I’m blessed that my cousin Tim is a general contractor) started bright and early this morning. It sounds like they plan to have the first story framed by the end of the week. I’ll try to post some pictures soon.