About two weeks ago we found several items on Craigslist. The first item was another Claw foot tub. The people that sold it, had recently remodeled their bathroom. They had spent $800 refinishing the tub (tub is close to a hundred years old) and had planned to put it in the bathroom. After the remodel, the tub would no longer fit. The contractor tried to make it fit and the tub became wedged in the drywall. We finally got it out and was able to take our new treasure to the shed. It was a very nice find for $300.

The next night we went to look at a cast iron wash board sink for the kids bathroom. When we arrived it was dark and the sink was stored in the crawlspace. So Crista and I went under the house and once we saw it, it was love at first sight. Of course, it will need refinishing but it was a steal at $50.00. She also threw in another cast iron sink for free.

Last night we picked up another cast iron sink with Chrome legs for $30.00. I’m sure you see the pattern – our infatuation with cast iron sinks. Everyone has a hobby and so happens we like to collect cast iron sinks.