Yesterday, I went to check out how the block was coming along. The crawlspace looked a lot higher then I had envisioned. I hated to mention anything to the block guy, he is such a nice guy. The crew that is with the Johnny, the block guy are pretty interesting guy’s. One of them was going to be a lawyer or he was a lawyer. He mentioned that the good thing is he can alway’s fall back on that, if needed. The other two guy’s come as a pair. If Johnny hire’s one of them, he must hire them both. They do not and will not work separately. After church, Crista and I went and to look at the foundation again, trying to figure out what could be done. Of course, I could bring in a lot of dirt and that would solve the problem. But that would get into a lot of money. I went to go get the advice of my neighbor (my dad). He came over and with a spot light we took off one layer of block and scraped off the mortar. I didn’t get done until midnight but I was so glad we did it. It look’s more like the look we were going with. I’ll post some pictures in the next few day’s.