Define: “in the field”


Lesson of the day: I have come to learn that the phrase “in the field” is a interchangeably term in the construction industry. It can either mean that the person being asked is hunting or at the job site.

After several delays due to weather, the excavator finally was able to make it out on Tuesday. It was after lunch before he was able to get started. It was exciting to see the backhoe running and to see dirt being moved. We watched him until about dark. The plan was for him to come back yesterday and finish up the digging. I had plans to run by the house during lunch to see what was going on. About noon I received a call to let me know that he is sick and he wouldn’t be able to make it. We had high hopes that the footing would be dug and poured this week. I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen. Between the flu and hunting season, it might be a slow go.   As long as we see some progress.