We finalized our plans last Friday. We have spent the week getting estimates for the shell of the house. I’m anxious to see what the estimates come back at. I figured getting estimates from five different lumber yards, should give me a good idea.

Each day, I visit craigslist for discounts. Imagine my excitement when I came across this ad:

Vintage Wood Windows circa 1930 – $50

I have 14 wood windows on a house that we are tearing down. All pulleys and weights are included. These are authentic wood windows. $50/each. They are 3-over-1 (see pic below). You must come get them by tomorrow, and you will be responsible for removing them/transporting them. They 29″ wide and 60″ tall. They are traditional Craftsman windows perfect for a renovation or restoring an old house. Most have been covered with screens/bars and are simply in need of some paint stripper.

They were the exact size we needed!

I know a normal person would say, you are insane to even consider used windows. Well, that could be true (especially with my family tree). I called Crista in my “state of emergency voice” to let her know that we needed to jump on this before someone else beats us to it. I called the guy and I was relieved when he told me that I would be able to view them first since I was the first caller. Fast forward…. We drive downtown to view the windows. It was evident that the house was a crack house. You could tell the guy who owned the home didn’t really want to go in. As we walked in, we were hit by a stench that is difficult to describe. Normally, when I walk into an old home I envision what the house would of been like decades ago. A family sitting by a warm fire and laughing as they shared their day with each other. Not this house. When you walked in, you envisioned some person huddled in the corner high on drugs. It didn’t take long to make a decision that used windows is not the way to go.